Radio Technology Services is responsible for the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of the voice communication systems and equipment used by the Department of Public Safety. This includes radio systems used by the Vermont State Police and the Division of Emergency Management and the Division of Fire Safety. RTS is responsible for the network of twelve telephone systems used by all units of DPS, except for fire safety. Radio services provided through RTS for the VCOMM system support the operations of all state, county and municipal first responder agencies in the state. Through the VLETS message switching system, RTS provides secure, restricted-access data communications to all U.S. state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies and to Canada.

Other Services

RTS provides advisory services and expertise to other state agencies that require non-commercial telecommunications capabilities. The principal supporting infrastructure for the two-way radio systems and networked telephone services is the state-owned digital microwave radio system managed and maintained by RTS. This microwave system is used for radio transmitter control functions, voice and data transmission, and emergency communications systems for DPS and other agencies, including all VCOMM users. RTS also provides administrative oversight for the FirstNet project.  Terry LaValley is the Director of Radio Technology Services. You can email LaValley at the Department of Public Safety headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont or give him a call at (802) 241-5215.                                                       
Terry LaValley, Radio Technology Services Director
Terry LaValley, Radio Technology Services Director

Key service areas include:

Land Mobile Radio technology for state agencies and departments, county sheriff's departments, municipal police, fire service, and Emergency Medical Services personnel statewide

The Vermont Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (VLETS)--the gateway technology for every law enforcement agency in Vermont for accessing criminal justice information

Department of Public Safety telephone systems--the need for reliable telephone services at our offices is essential for public safety operations

Vermont microwave radio system that connects dispatch centers throughout the state with dozens of mountain-top radio transmitters and hundreds of mobile and hand-held two-way radio devices

Law enforcement speed enforcement radar repair program

Organizational Chart

Our staff serves customers statewide. View this printable organizational chart.


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Radio Technology Services, Dept of Public Safety

45 State Drive, Waterbury, VT 05671

Normal Office Hours are M-F 7:45 am-4:30 pm

Outside normal business hours call the Williston PSAP at (802) 878-7111 to reach our on-call staff member

Radio Support: (802) 229-0882    Email    

Phone System Support: (802) 241-5480    Email  

VLETS, Messenger & Glink Help:

(802) 241-5446    Email

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Department of Public Safety
Radio Technology Services
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671

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