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ATTENTION:       Users of St. Johnsbury and Bradford State Police Channels

FROM:                     Dennis Roberts, Radio Technologies Supervisor

SCHEDULE:          Radio Channel Merging Scheduled June 27-29, 2017

Between June 27 and June 29, Radio Technology Services will be merging the St. Johnsbury and Bradford State Police radio channels into a single multicast channel that will be named “St. Johnsbury” moving forward. Once completed, when dispatch transmits to units in the St. Johnsbury- Bradford areas, three transmitters (Burke Mtn., Pierson Hill, and Moose Mtn. NH) will come on simultaneously. Collectively the three transmitters will provide better coverage to units in the region, simplify dispatch operations and operationally accommodate the State Police troop realignment structure.

Please contact your radio service provider immediately to update your radio programming. Your provider can pre-install the new frequency into your mobile and portable units prior to the change so that you will be ready to use the newly combined St. Johnsbury channel once the switchover is made.

For your purposes, your mobile and portable devices will need the following frequencies installed.

  • St. Johnsbury Burke:  Mobile Tx 458.300  167.9,  Rx 453.200   167.9   Coverage to what used to be St Johnsbury area
  • St. Johnsbury Pierson:  Mobile Tx 458.300  167.9,  Rx 453.300   167.9   Coverage to what used to be Bradford area
  • St. Johnsbury Moose: Mobile Tx 458.300  167.9,  Rx 460.225   167.9   Coverage to Thetford and Bradford Ascutney areas

If you have any questions or concerns, please give the DPS Radio Shop a call. We can be reached at (802) 229-0882.


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