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Please note that the Royalton Vermont State Police radio system channels was changed on JULY 10, 2018. The change is part of a system upgrade to provide consistent coverage throughout the region using a multi-cast design that will transmit and receive using three sites. The multi-cast system will require mobile users to determine the best mobile receive coverage for their current location and make adjustments as they move throughout the region. The three channels for the system are completely different from the original Royalton VSP channel so all users must have their radios updated.

Below are the new channels:

  • Royalton Russ Hill           Mobile Tx 458.3625 PL 156.7                      Mobile Rx 453.3625 PL 156.7
  • Royalton Killington         Mobile Tx 458.3625 PL 156.7                      Mobile Rx 453.7500 PL 156.7
  • Royalton Ascutney          Mobile Tx 458.3625 PL 156.7                      Mobile Rx 453.1625 PL 156.7


Now that the upgrade is complete, you will not be able to communicate with any dispatch center on the original channels. The original frequencies no longer work. Please contact your radio service provider to update your radio programming. 


As a reminder, the Vermont State Police have updated other channels over the past several years to include a multi-cast design. If you have not updated your channels you may experience less than optimal reception with transmitting or receiving as it relates to the locations below.

Location mobile transmit mobile receive
Westminster Ascutney 465.475 PL 162.2 460.475 PL 162.2
Westminster Mt Snow 465.475 PL 162.2 453.300 PL 162.2
Westminster Street Hill 465.475 PL 162.2 453.8250 PL 162.2
Rutland Killington 465.150 PL 210.7 460.150 PL 210.7
Rutland Grandpas Knob 465.150 PL 210.7 460.175 DPL 073
Williston Mt Mansfield 465.225 PL 203.5 460.225 PL 203.5
Williston Hyde Park 465.225 PL 203.5 453.825 PL 203.5
St Johnsbury Burke 458.300 PL 167.9 460.300 PL 167.9
St Johnsbury Pierson 458.300 PL 167.9 453.300 PL 167.9
St Johnsbury Moose 458.300 PL 167.9 460.225 PL 167.9
Shaftsbury Equinox 465.375 PL 186.2 460.375 PL 186.2
Shaftsbury Mt Snow 465.375 PL 186.2 460.275 PL 186.2
Shaftsbury Readsboro 465.375 PL 186.2 460.3375 PL186.2
Shaftsbury Mt Anthony 465.375 PL 186.2 460.0250 PL 186.2


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